Hand rejuvenation can be carried out combining two techniques, pulsed light and filler.

  • Light pulsed is a light of high power, which captures the dark coloration of the spots, giving the skin its good appearance and providing a uniform coloration. With the light pulsed the stains are attenuated and in some cases, they disappear completely. In addition, this type of treatment considerably improves the texture and quality of the skin, giving it a smoother and hydrated skin appearance.
  • Light pulsed is a light of high power which takes dark coloration of spots, giving the skin backing a good appearance and a uniform color. The spots are attenuated with this technique and in some cases disappear completely. In addition, the texture and skin quality are considerably improved, giving it a smooth and hydrated appearance.
  • The filling is performed when the hands become thin and with the veins producing textures in the skin. There are different products: hyaluronic acid, collagen or calcium hydroxyapatites that are taken into under the skin with a very thin needle. This technique is quick, with no pain and the aim is to return lost volume to the skin as well as improve elasticity and hydration.